Implementation is the most important part of the analytics process.  While bad data can sometimes be worked with to produce moderately useful insights, it can rarely be fixed and opportunity has been lost.  High quality decision-making level data is created during implementation, so it’s important to get it right.  It’s all about the details during implementation, and we will revise your current settings or build them from the ground up.  We will test and confirm that your measurement system represents the effectiveness of your marketing as accurately as possible.  We are experts in setting up marketing analytics measurement and can help with the following and more…


Google Analytics Account-Property-View

We will review all of your Google Analytics Account settings, and will help create new ones.  Settings we will review include…

Google Analytics
Account Setup
• Advertising Features• Custom Metrics• Product Linking
• Alerts• Ecommerce• Remarketing
• Attribution Models• Filters• Segments
• Channel Groups• Goals• Session Timing
• Content Groups• In-Page Analytics• User Level Data
• Custom Dimensions• Postbacks• Webmaster Tools


Google Tag Manager Implementation

We will implement Google Tag Manager on your site or we can optimize what you already have.  If you are unsure of the advantages of implementing Google Tag Manager Migration please read our blog post which outlines the top 10 reasons to consider converting.  As part of our service offering, we will…

Google Tag Manager
(GTM) Implementation
• Work with your developers to add GTM tracking code
• Test & validate tracking code implementation
• Customize your tags, triggers and variables
• Setup tracking of pageviews, links and form events
• Setup tracking of custom dimensions & metrics
• Add AdWords, doubleclick, AdRoll, etc. conversion tags
• Work with your developers to remove legacy tags
• Test & validate new site tracking


Google Analytics Reporting Setup

We will revamp or setup your Google Analytics from the ground up.  We will comb through current setting and fix/update wherever needed.  If historical data is available, we will make sure that current settings are gathering data as anticipated and will see if there are more efficient or more accurate ways to collect data.  Google Analytics offers many basic and advanced features, and we will help you with things such as…

Google Analytics
• Advanced Segments• Dashboards • Landing Page Tracking & Reporting
• Campaign Optimization • Ecommerce Setup• Monthly E-Mail Reports
• Channel Attribution Reporting• Flash Tracking• Notification & Alert Setup
• Conversion Funnel Setup & Analysis• Geo-Profiling• Site Optimization Intelligence Reports
• Conversion Paths• Goals Setup• Site Speed Reporting
• Cross Domain Tracking• Google Analytics Troubleshooting• Social Reporting Integration
• Custom Dimensions & Metrics• Google Website Optimizer Integration• Visitor Loyalty & Bounce Rate
• Custom Reports• KPI Discovery• Etc.

WordPress Implementation

We are highly experienced with implementing analytics and tag management for websites built on WordPress and will help you take your marketing analytics to the next level. We will…

WordPress Analytics
& Tag Management
• Install Analytics/Tag Management PlugIn
• Setup Analytics/Tag Management PlugIn
• Properly Insert Analytics/Tag Mgmt Code
• Advise On Proper Page Coding
• Setup Analytics Platform to Recieve Data