With an accurate measurement platform in place and high-quality data available for analysis and insights, it’s time for the fun stuff … Optimization!  In analytcis utopia, we all have access to great data and insights that represent exactly which marketing efforts are driving behaviors and responses (micro and macro conversions), but marketing is complex and correlations between inputs and outcomes are never 100%.  Much more likely, there are many individual elements contributing to positive (and negative) outcomes and it is our job to find them, quantify them, track them and optimize them.


Analyze and Optimize Existing Data

Current tools provides access to continuous testing with a high level of detail, and we can help you decipher what is currently working so that you can optimize performance based on one (or a combination) of the following …

Optimize Existing
Data Sources
• Ad Placement• Competitive Positioning• Source
• Ad Creative• Platforms & Devices• Social Behaviour
• Ad Messaging• Pricing• Target Profile
• Channels• Product Variations• Etc.

Analyze and Optimize New Data

Existing dimensions and metrics offer adequate options for many users, but out of the box sometimes does not allow for the level analysis you require.  Enter custon dimension, metrics and groups which can provide you with the added flexibility you need.  Common examples are …

Optimize New
Data Sources
• User Level• Blog Author• Social Sharer
• Customer Type• Login Status• Purchaser
• Prospect Level• Membership Level• Subscriber

Optimization Tools (A/B Testing, Heat Mapping)

Optimization tools can help produce additinal new insights about your marketing effectivess.

• Compare web pages or app screen performance
• Determine which objective you’d like to test
• Test two objectives or several alternatives
• Optimize future content based on results

Click Tracking
& Heat Mapping
• See whether pages are causing user distraction
• Learn what to emphasize on pages
• Realize which pages should be repurposed
• See which images get noticed
• Understand how to improve conversions
• Learn how to get more email subscriber

Dashboards, Alerts & Visualization

Dashboard, alerts & visualization are not necessarily optimizations, but they do provide tools for actively monitoring optimized KPIs against goals and they should be setup to the maximun capabilities of your analytics platform.  There are lots of options out there depending on your needs.  Below is a example of a completely free way to combine and export live data from Google Analytics into Google Sheets with the Google Analytics Add-on installed that updates charts regularly according to your needs (hourly, daily, weekly) and allows you to publish them externally so that you can share live your results with whoever you wish.  It’s s pretty cool of a low cost dashboard option that takes some work to set up, but is essentially free.