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Anlytics Consulting Project
Data Anlytics Project

Project 1: Analytics Consulting

A startup music video service provider was launching a new technology, and marketing measurement needed to be integrated into the product development process. We…


  • Participated in introductory calls with marketing leaders and developers to understand system setup and challenges

  • Worked closely with developers to understand how data would be sent from a CMS website and an ecommerce platform

  • Created a wireframe for the customer experience and built a data dictionary that included all event data sources.

  • Created coding guides for developers

  • Regularly participated on calls with developers to discuss implementation changes and challenges

  • Setup performance reports that would start populating and providing insights once the product was fully launched 

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Project 2: Data Analytics

We worked with a consumer services company where we provided analytics for marketing & product teams. For marketing teams we provided insight into…


  • Campaign performance against targeted groups

  • Marketing channel performance

  • Earned vs paid performance

  • Acquisition platforms that were driving 1st purchases and repurchases

  • Online vs. offline conversion performance


For product teams we provided insights into…


  • How recently launched features were performing relative to existing features

  • How different customer groups interacted with new features and flows

  •  How customer loyalty groups were using combinations of new & existing features


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GA4 Migration Project
Tag Managemen Project

Project 3: GA4 Migration

A mass call & texting provider wanted to overhaul their analytics infrastructure. We participated in an initial consulting call to scope the project and gather information for a planned migration. We...​

  • Optimized current GA3/GTM assets and planned a GA4 migration

  • Created a product wireframe and a data dictionary which included new events, parameters & properties needed for GA4.

  • Provided GA4 implementation code for developers and helped with troubleshooting

  • Created & setup a new GA4 Property with ecommerce tracking

  • Reconfigured the existing Google Tag Manager (GTM) container for the new GA4 data while revising older GA3 tags to maintain historical data

  • Setup key metrics and custom reports, taking advantage of the improved reporting GA4 provides


Project 4: Tag Management

An online service provider wanted to update their marketing tags to take advantage of newly available conversion event data. They also wanted to update their marketing tags to stay compliant with privacy regulations. We…

  • Provided an audit and made recommendations for the GTM container

  • Removed/revised tags that were no longer useful

  • Created new variables and triggers to pick up and pass the newly available data

  • Modified existing tags and created new tags to pass new conversion data to marketing partners

  • Added privacy suppression to all marketing tags for CCPA & GDPR compliance.

  • Implemented a new clean nomenclature

  • Revised & reduced tags, triggers and variables by 50% while increasing overall data accuracy


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A/B Testing Project
Reporting Projet

Project 5: A/B Testing

We have executed hundreds of individual tests for several different companies. We have had great success in gathering together the people and technology resources needed to expedite the testing process. The result has been a robust list of ideas to test as well as close collaboration between creative, marketing, product and testing teams.  For one particular company, we used Google Optimize 360, Optimizely, firebase and mixpanel for testing various ideas and concepts. The most frequent types of testing we executed were…


  • Creative design, messaging & placement

  • Landing pages

  • Product navigation

  • Product design

  • New product performance testing

  • Sign up flows

  • Checkout flows

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Reporting 2.jpg

Project 6: Reporting

We worked with an online services company where we provided reporting on marketing performance, user and audience behavior in different ways depending upon the data source and the capabilities of the reporting platform. 


Platform Reporting:

Google Analytics - marketing attribution, A/B Testing, audience targeting & product performance reporting

AppsFlyer - for app attribution setup & reporting

Mixpanel - for app product performance reporting

Call Tracking Metrics - for offline conversion performance reporting


Database Reporting

Looker - for more complex reporting that in- platform reporting tools could not provide

Supermetrics - for automated reporting to outside agencies 

Excel - single and combed data sets reporting 

Implemenation Project

Project 7: MarTech

We have worked with several companies on implementing new marketing technologies (MarTech) and measurement systems, and the project work has been very similar. We work with product, technology and developer teams on new implementations. We write JIRA tickets, join standup meetings and QA changes as necessary. When substantial system changes are needed, we provide documentation & roadmaps for martech teams to reference and help your implementation go as smoothly as possible

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