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Grow Your Business With

Data Driven Marketing

We will analyze your current marketing measurement system to determine where gaps exist and will help you create a plan for migrating to a data driven approach for marketing

We have significant experience in marketing analytics and will provide you with insightful analysis and actionable recommendations based on your business goals. 

We are experts with Google Analytics (GA3 & GA4), firebase, mixpanel, AppsFlyer and similar analytics tools. We will optimize your existing platforms to get the most out of your martech investments and will handle your GA4 migration. 

We will audit, revise or create an entirely new tagging infrastructure for your business. We are tagging experts and will help join together your marketing spend with customer behaviors and transactions across all platforms

We are experts in developing reports and dashboards that accurately communicate marketing performance, campaign attribution and how your customers are interacting with your brand on their path toward conversion.

We will guide you through the testing process, from ideation through test design and analysis. We are experienced with many testing tools and will assist in setting up and running AB Tests, and will provide and present detailed results

We can help with the process of getting new marketing technology initiatives implemented by documenting and effectively communicating with your product, developer and tech teams  


We are marketing analytics experts who help businesses grow by delivering thoughtful analysis and insight.  We primarily focused on providing analysis and insights into marketing and product performance.  


Very early in the process we realized that the usefulness of our recommendations were directly correlated with how accurately the data  represented actual marketing and product performance. With that simple notion in mind, we swam further upstream and became immersed in the data creation process. 


We became experts in the entire data analytics process, from data creation to analysis, insights and recommendations.  Realizing that no one team can do everything, we became experts in working closely with product and tech teams to get new code added to source generators such as websites, apps, APIs, etc.  


We now offer our broad based experience to help companies migrate to a data driven approach to marketing & product performance.


"A strong collaborator, MIProfs always finds a solution and executes it flawlessly. MIProfs has been a huge asset to our team and someone I personally enjoy working with time and time again"

SVP Analytics

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