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We are analytics experts who help businesses grow by delivering thoughtful analysis and insight into their marketing and product performance.


We know that the usefulness of our analysis and recommendations are directly correlated with how closely your data represents true performance. With that simple notion in mind, we focus on the entire process, from data creation to analysis and reporting.  We make sure you have the best data available to understand how and why your customers behave the way they do.  The impact of this systemic approach is more accurate analysis and reporting which leads to significantly improved marketing and product performance.


No team can do everything alone, and we are experts at working closely with your product, technology and developer teams to get new code added to websites, apps, APIs, etc.  


We offer our broad based experience to help companies migrate to a data driven approach to marketing & product performance.




Cam Cramer

Founder and Principal

Cameron is a natural problem solver who is happy to listen, learn and collaborate. He is extremely comfortable guiding teams through detailed analysis or having strategic conversations with leadership. Cameron is expert in marketing and product analytics with a track record of developing teams and collaborating cross-functionally to achieve goals. Additionally, he has extensive experience with analyzing & visualizing data, communicating results and making recommendations that make a difference. 

Areas of Expertise:

• Marketing Analytics
• Product Analytics
• Marketing Attribution
• Marketing Technology (MarTech)
• Data Visualization
• Google Analytics (GA3 & GA4)
• A/B Testing
• Google Tag Manager
• Project Management

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